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News without intimidation, hatred and manipulation. 

The problem

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The public is mostly powerless when faced with the agenda of media elites.  Today the news is less about covering what has happened and more about shaping realities and engineering consciousness.

No wonder most people no longer believe in the news.

  • 56% of people are worried about fake news.

  • 61% of Americans think that news is not objective

  • 92% of the public want their voice to be heard and to have more influence.

With freedom comes responsibility

620 News

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The  solution –

Democratization & Transparency

 620 news is a clean news channel without intimidation, hatred and manipulation. No more one-way communication, we encourage independent thinking.

620 New allows the public to express their true opinion through the well-thought-out “Majority Public Opinion” feature under each article. Everybody can see the results and everybody can become a “news influencer”.

How 620 News works?

If you are an investor looking for a business opportunity that combines social impact, contact us to see the demo and get more info.

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We are raising
in seed round.
To start in Israel

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Alon Moreshet


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Tamir Scherzer

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Ran Yakov


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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” — Steve Jobs

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