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620 NEWS

The purpose of the news is to convey the reality on the ground and faithfully interpret the truth.


Or so we were told.  


Unfortunately, today the news is less about covering what has happened and more about shaping realities and engineering consciousness.


No wonder most people no longer believe in the news. In fact, a large part of the public has even come to believe that the news media is purposely lying.


Especially for this reason, we have established a new startup – 620 News.

We believe people need balanced news that gives the power back to the public.

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How 620 News works?

Phone xr 01.png

In order to make a decision on whether to establish 620 News, it is important to understand whether we are really making a revolution or whether it will just be a site that will be thrown in the startup graveyard, so your opinion is very important to us.


We would be happy to hear your opinion in a short survey.

*Among those who answer, an iPhone will be drawn after we reach 500 participants

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